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Let’s begin with the Co-Sponsor Count!

Senator Smith (MN) agreed to co-sponsor today.  Was Dan Wilson the clincher or was it Jimmy Jam?  Who knows, but it was probably a combo plus the outpouring of Minnesotans who called, tweeted and sent emails. Nice!!! 

It looks like we got Senator Gillibrand (NY) to co-sponsor as well!  (Still awaiting confirmation from Hatch’s office, so no victory laps yet!)

And so we’re ending this week at 52 co-sponsors.  Wow.

From Lauren Iossa (ASCAP) - Adding to the mix, ASCAP continues to push hard on socials with our campaign and we have done a recent slate of grassroots now in all 50 states with targeted messaging in several states.  Paul also enlisted Jason Mraz to sign a personal letter to Senator Warner (which he has done -- we will deliver today or Monday).  And, we are placing an OpEd by Ashley Gorley in one of the big Kentucky papers (we hope) to put some home state pressure on McConnell. Paul Williams is also doing personalized letters to all Senators who have not yet co-signed which we will also have hand delivered.

From Busbee: Quincy Jones has written letters to send to Senators Gardner, Wyden, Schumer, Warren, and Gillibrand.

(as an aside, SONA’s Adam Dorn and Adam Gorgoni were consulted on the letters and helped draft them) #Teamwork!


Targeted States - We’ve been making lists of well-known artists and songwriters to tag in the slide caption and we’ll keep adding.

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John Mayer 

Brian Yale/Rob Thomas - Matchbox 20

Chris Carrabba - lead singer Dashboard Confessional

Richard and Karen Carpenter - born there

Peter Tork

Liz Phair (born there)

Mark McGrath - Sugar Ray (born there)

Thurston Moore - Sonic Youth

Steve Porcaro - Toto

Michael Bolton 

Roger Glover - Deep Purple 

The Alternate Roots

Fates Warning - metal band

Keith Richards - 

Paul Simon and Edie Brickell 

Ed Toth - Doobie Bros

And our own Billy Mann lives there (but Philly born and raised!)

Infuriating and sad, but true Tweet of the Day:


Personal calls from well-known artists and songwriters are really having an effect.  Many of you receiving these updates have replied to tell me about your personal calls to senate offices! Thank you!  We know they are working!


Beka Tischker will help with MTSU and Belmont in Nashville


  • Keep targeting states, their local artists and songwriters and senators over the weekend

  • VMA participants and friends of participants - get someone to say something about the MMA during the award ceremony this weekend!  It’s national television, for f$%k sake!

  • On Monday we’ll blast the Revolution Messaging call tool 110%, feat. Maren Morris! 

  • Many music college students will be back on campus next week - so we’ll begin the student outreach next week.

Nice work everyone…  Whew.  Have a great weekend!

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