Notes From The Field

From SONA's Executive Director Michelle Lewis:

  • Gearing up for a big week, starting tomorrow… when the #MusicArmy billboards go up near Senator Wyden’s home office in Portland.  :)

  • Continuing with the goal of Two-Thirds By Thursday… (only 5 more Senators to reach 66!)

  • And finally, amplifying the message to Senator McConnell that WE NEED A VOTE!!! (see Lauren’s note below)

There will be plenty of slides, pictures and letters to senators to share throughout the week!


From Songwriter & Podcaster Ross Golan:

"Hey guys! 

The billboards get launched in Portland on Monday. Salem to follow the next week. Portugal The Man begins their shows this weekend. If Wyden doesn't know about the Music Army... He's about to." 


From ASCAP's Lauren Iossa:

"Hi All --

We placed an OpEd from songwriter Ashley Gorley in the Kentucky Courier-Journal titled "A bill to help songwriters get paid needs support of McConnell, Senate." Click here to check it out.

ASCAP also promoting on socials - would be great if you could help amplify online.

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From SONA's In-House Music Lawyer Dina LaPolt:

"Great quotes by Steven Tyler on MMA" Check them out by clicking here.

"Here another where he mention's Doug Collins" Check them out by clicking here.


More to come...

~Songwriter's of North America, The Music Army.

SONA Admin