#MusicArmy Call To Action

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Today is a red-letter day in the life of the Music Modernization Act, so please look out for updates.

Because of some new language added, the hotline wasn’t initiated until 6PM last night, which means SIRIUS has all day to find senators who will place “holds” on the bill.  We need the ENTIRE MUSIC ARMY to be on call and react when names arise.

So here we go!

From Dina:

We need ALL music creators to call Sen Lindsey Graham’s Chief of Staff: Richard Perry.  They care about artists so calls will help.  202-224-5972.  Particularly, SC artists!


“Sirius has been given what they asked in the bill.  They keep moving the goalpost.  The music community is together.  Senator Gardner brokered a deal for Sirius, they are going back on it.  Sirius also cut a deal with the artists, and now they are going back on that too.  Thanks for your early support.  We need your help to get this done for older artists.”

We CANNOT go after Lindsay Graham publicly.  He has been our champion before and co-sponsored the original CLASSICS Act.  ***PLEASE CALL NOW!***

ALSO, please call Senator Rand Paul and ask him not to put a hold on the MMA! Tell them musicians and songwriters all over the country are counting on them not to block the most important legislation for our community in a generation.  Senator Paul is: 202-224-4343  And tweet to @randpaul 

Sorry for the ALL-CAPS!  Stay tuned!

SONA Admin